St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Park Road, Smethwick

Event - Year 6 at Warner Bros Studios and London

4 and 5 July 2013

For our end of year trip, Year 6 had an amazing trip to the Harry Potter Studios. We spent a day there and had lots of fun.

We also had a meal at Planet Hollywood, and went sightseeing. We had an overnight stay at the St Gile’s Hotel and the next day we visited the Natural History Museum.

Year 6 and Mr Heard outside the Harry Potter studios.
In the Great Hall.

Sirius Black’s motorcycle, which was also used by Hagrid.
A fireplace that is part of the 'Floo Network' which helped Harry Potter get to different places.

The Wooden Bridge, which is also known as the Covered Bridge.
Some of the children on the bridge.

Mr Heard and some of the boys learning how to use their wands.
Hogwarts Model which is used in the films.

Some of the boys enjoying themselves.
Trying the Butter Beer- but it's not to everyone's taste!

Some of the children inside the Knight Bus.
Enjoying our meal at Planet Hollywood.