St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Park Road, Smethwick

Event - Year 6 Residential to Plas Gwynant

12 to 16 September 2011

Year 6 pupils visited Plas Gwynant at the beginning of the school term. Everyone enjoyed taking part in the activities, and the weather was great. Here are a few photographs for you to look at.

Walking in a straight line with wellies on.
We did it!

Fun at the beach!
Holding tight- walking the ridge.

What a view!
Working together in a team.

Sliding down the rock. Are we ready?
Ready for abseiling.

Let’s check our equipment.
Getting ready for canoeing.

Fun in the water!
Barbecuing sausages. Yum Yum!

Enjoying the scenery.
Climbing up.

Finally made it to the top!
Taking a break.

A group photo. Everybody smile!
Hold on to your hats!

Mmmm! Hot Chocolate.
Making a spark!