St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Park Road, Smethwick

Event - Foundation Stage at the Snowdome

6 December 2011

On Tuesday 6 December, Foundation Stage visited the Snowdome. We got to play in the snow and ride round on sledges, watch a show with Zippy and George and special guest Santa, and we also got to see Santa’s animals.

We all had a great time, and we can’t wait until Christmas!

Santa’s little helper was telling us about all the presents he makes for the children.
Reception and nursery class waiting for Zippy and George.

George was making cakes ready for Santa’s visit.
Santa was asking us if we had all been good girls and boys, so we could get all the presents we want for Christmas.

Aww, the little piglets are sleeping.
Santa’s goats are eating all their food.

Nursery class having fun with the snowmen!
The Snowdome’s Nativity.