St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Park Road, Smethwick

Test Results

Here are our assessment results for 2016 (Academic Year 2015/16).


Progress Result
Achieving good level of development 66%

Phonics Screening Checks

Year Pass Rate
Year 1 93%
Year 2 (Re-sits) n/a

Key Stage 1 (End of Year 2)

At the end of Year 2, children were tested using new-style KS1 SATs. They were assessed in reading, writing and maths. Test results and the class teacher’s assessments demonstrated the children’s ability to work at an expected standard. Our results indicate the year 2 children made good progress from their Good level of Development in reception class.

Subject School EXS National EXS
Reading 62% 74%
Writing 55% 66%
Mathematics 66% 73%
Reading, Writing and Maths 52% 60%

Key Stage 2 (End of Year 6)

Children were also assessed at the end of Year 6 in reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling and maths. Our results were outstanding. The children performed well above the national expected standard average in all subject areas and at each level.

Subject School EXS National EXS
Reading 97% 67%
Writing 97% 74%
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 100% 72%
Mathematics 100% 70%
Reading, Writing and Maths 93% 53%

School Performance Tables

For further information on our school results see our page on the Government's School and College Performance comparison website:

Link to School Performance Tables