St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Park Road, Smethwick


On this page you can meet all the friendly people who work at our school.

Mrs Bickley

Mr Boodell

Mrs McGuinness

Miss K Vanstone

Miss Wheatley

Mr A Wareing

Miss Brady

Miss R Maynard

Miss Collins

Mr Hancox

Mr Heard

Mrs Lees

Mrs Williams

Mrs Cantle

Mrs Evans

Miss Mahboob

Miss Jordan

Mrs Kelsey

Mrs Shilton

Mrs Mobin

Mrs Morris

Miss Griffiths

Mrs Duncan

Mr Turvey

Mrs Lewis

Mrs Aston

Mrs Lewis

Mrs D Vanstone

Mrs Asquith

Mrs Byron

Mrs Cooney

Mrs Penn

Mrs Read

Mrs Wadding

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Chopra

Mrs White

Staff List 2017/18

Name Title
Mrs K Bickley Headteacher
Mr T Boodell Deputy Head, SENCO
Mrs K McGuinness Nursery Teacher
Miss K Vanstone Reception Teacher, KS1 Leader
Miss C Wheatley Reception Teacher
Mr A Wareing Year 1 Teacher
Miss S Brady Year 2 Teacher
Miss R Maynard Year 3 Teacher
Miss N Collins Year 4 Teacher
Mr C Hancox Year 5 Teacher
Mr R Heard Year 6 Teacher
Mrs A Lees Higher Level Teaching Assistant Year 1
Mrs L Williams Phonics and Basic Skills Co-ordinator
Mrs M Cantle Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs A Evans Learning Support Practitioner
Miss J Jordan Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs E Kelsey Learning Support Practitioner
Miss N Mahboob Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs W Shilton Learning Support Practitioner
Mrs A Mobin Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Morris Learning Support Assistant
Miss L Griffiths Office Manager
Mrs T Duncan Office Administrator
Mr D Turvey Site Manager
Mrs S Lewis School Cook
Mrs S Aston Assistant Cook
Mrs R Kaur Kitchen Assistant
Mrs D Vanstone Principal Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Asquith Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Byron Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Cooney Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs M Penn Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B Read Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs P Wadding Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Wilson Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Chopra Cleaner
Mrs C White Cleaner
Mrs J Shearer SEN Support
Mr S Mason Peripatetic Teaching Staff (Violin)
Mr I Gibbs Peripatetic Teaching Staff (Brass)
Mr B George Drums Teacher