St. Gregory's Catholic Primary School, Park Road, Smethwick

Event - Year 2 and 5 visit the Synagogue

13 October 2014

As part of Multi Faith Week Years 2 and 5 visited Singer’s Hill Synangogue to help with their learning in Judaism. The visit was very educational and the children could see where and how the Jewish people worship.

The boys practised wearing Kippahs as a sign of respect.
The children are told how the boys have to sit separately from the girls at the Synagogue.

The girls looking at the different parts of the Synagogue from the balcony.
The children are holding the gold and silver bells to call attention, and the gold plated ten commandments.

The blue and red colours of the symbols represent royalty.
This is an example of a Torah scroll written in Hebrew.

These are more examples of scrolls and pointers that the Rabbis use.
This is the Ark where the Torah Scrolls are kept. The Ark is the holiest place in the Synagogue.